As a child, Sabrina's abuse was never validated.  As the rape and violence continued, escalating in nature-abusers who are not caught test their limits-she approached puberty with an unstable and insecure sense of self, and a distorted perception of her role in relationships.  She had been conditioned to devalue her needs and give without question.

At 15, she meets the man of her dreams, but by age 19-pregnant and married-her hopes and dreams of love and romance are crushed.  She is caught in a web of violence and psychological mind games, being constantly threatened that if she tells anyone or tries to leave she will lose her children, public respect-everything!

When Sabrina finally breaks free, she finds herself in a courtroom being served a thirty five page motion and an Emergency Protection Order "protecting" her abuser and children from her.  Her worst fears are now her reality.  After a lifetime of abuse will she be able to bear the burden of this pain, injustice and helplessness? 

"I Married a Sociopath" is available for purchase.  BUY THE BOOK HERE!

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