Dr. Sabrina Brown, DrPH, MPH is currently an Associate Professor of Epidemiology at the University of Kentucky. By garnering support from agencies housing critical data elements, and additional support from federal, state and local agencies, Dr. Sabrina Brown developed the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention funded Kentucky Violent Death Reporting System, and has served as principal investigator since 2005.

Her primary research interests have focused on violence prevention, including suicide, homicide, intimate partner violence, alcohol and drug

related death, infant and child death, developing statewide surveillance and reporting systems, and system evaluation.

Dr. Brown recently published a book, "I Married a Sociopath" which is a memoir about surviving Adverse Childhood Experiences, a 20-year abusive marriage and her nearly insurmountable challenges when she finally tried to leave.

Dr. Brown lives with her husband, Steven, whom she married in 2013, and their son, Steven, Jr. 

To Learn more about the book CLICK HERE!

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